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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: Plain Sailing
Original air date: 22 October 1971
Writer: Cyril Abraham
On the return journey from Portugal, James Onedin and Anne Webster appear to be getting on extremely well despite the unorthodox origin of their union. He begins to teach her how to navigate.

A seaman dies and James becomes gravely sick with a fever. Anne has to take over his duties, including navigation. The ship's mate, Mr Baines, is illiterate and cannot help. The crew do not want to take orders or even advice from a woman, but Anne is strong-willed and perseveres despite their growing hostility. She tries to recall and follow James' instructions, but fails to keep the ship on course. Eventually, Baines refuses to heed her instructions any longer.

The strain takes its toll on Anne. Finally, just when things seem to have reached the breaking point, Anne makes a bargain with Baines: she will teach him to read and write in return for his cooperation. They agree to share the responsibilities, and successfully get the ship back on track as James recovers.

Back in Liverpool, Robert is at his wit's end waiting for the overdue ship. All James's funds (and his own) have been spent, with no end to creditors and sailors' dependents clamoring for payment. Meanwhile, Elizabeth, though she has a longtime suitor in sailor Daniel Fogarty, is courted by Albert Frazer, the scion of a shipbuilding family.
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