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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: High Price
Original air date: 5 November 1971
Writer: Cyril Abraham
With more barrels than he has room for, James Onedin seeks a warehouse to store them, and finds one owned by the widowed Mrs. Arkwright. However, she wants 650 for it, more than James can raise. James persuades his reluctant brother to get information from Mrs. Arkwright's unpaid companion, Miss Simmons, who misinterprets Robert's interest in her. Guilt-ridden, Robert extracts a promise from his brother to find her suitable employment if Mrs. Arkwright does leave. Mrs. Callon learns of James's plan and offers 700 for the building, but James Onedin plants doubts in Mrs. Arkwright's mind as to Callon's sincerity. She agrees to James's offer: a house in her French hometown and free passage there. A rag and bone dealer, Ada Gamble, is using the warehouse, but she is pressured into leaving when James discovers she has sold stolen candlesticks to Anne. Robert Onedin is aghast when he finds Miss Simmons working for Ada; James shrugs off his outrage.

Robert's wife Sarah gives birth. Anne and James move into the warehouse after Captain Webster mortgages his cottage, where they are living, and Callon forecloses. Elizabeth Onedin breaks her engagement with Fogarty. A confrontation leads to reconciliation... and sex. Elizabeth later fears she has become pregnant, but cannot find the opportunity to inform Fogarty before he leaves on a sailing trip.
Text source: Wikipedia
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