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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: Catch as Can
Original air date: 12 November 1971
Writer: Alun Richards
James Onedin is in a battle with his former employer and main competitor, Mr. Callon, to keep what few clients he has. Callon pressures Mr. Watson, who recently consigned a small shipment to James Onedin, telling him they will refuse to carry his trade to India unless they get 100% of his business. Callon's son Edmund begins to set his eye on what few assets James has managed to acquire. When Baines fails to return from a visit to his sister, James knows it has to be Callon's handiwork. He finds and rescues the shanghaied Baines. With Mr. Fogarty away, Elizabeth Onedin is at her wits' end and Anne Webster thinks she knows what the problem is. Albert Frazer inherits a house and invites not only James and Anne but also Elizabeth, who is his prime reason for extending the invitation.
Text source: Wikipedia
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