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Title: Passage to Pernambuco
Original air date: 26 November 1971
Writer: Cyril Abraham
Download free puzzles from MadDogPuzzles.comJames Onedin and Anne finally move into a real house of their own (for 25 per year). When James sees Braganza in Portugal, he learns that his best client may soon be out of business. The 'devastador' beetle is ravaging the grapes of Europe, and the vineyard next to Braganza's is already infested. He hopes to graft the roots of resistant North American grapes, but has been unable to charter a ship to get them. The only available suitable one is the clipper Pampero.

James Onedin proposes a bold plan: that the two buy the ship and its cargo. In exchange for Braganza putting up the money, he will get his grape roots for free and half the profits on the ship's voyages for the next five years, unless James can buy him out before the five years are over. If he cannot, Braganza will get full ownership of the Pampero. On the voyage, unfavorable winds and troublesome passengers make James Onedin decide not to go to Pernambuco to deliver his cargo, but straight to Baltimore, United States. Avoiding a monopoly of salt traders, he makes a deal with a railroad builder: the salt portion of his cargo at a vastly reduced price in exchange for the railroad workers collecting 100,000 of the grape roots that grow like weeds in the region.

Elizabeth Onedin and Albert Frazer elope...
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