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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: The Homecoming
Original air date: 2 December 1971
Writer: Barry Thomas
Download free puzzles from MadDogPuzzles.comJames Onedin has made enough profit from the trip to Baltimore to pay off the mortgages on the Charlotte Rhodes and the warehouse. He returns to find Anne Webster chatting with Michael Adams, her close friend since childhood who went to sea four years previously. James becomes jealous, and not without reason. It turns out the pair had planned to marry after Adams returned, but he did not, nor did he write.

Despite having been separated for three months, James decides to sail off again straight away. Anne asks to join him. She finds Adams aboard as part of the crew. During the voyage, she learns he had not come back because he thought he was wanted for the murder of a tyrannical shipmate. The real (accidental) murderer also happens to be on the ship. When he refuses to sign a confession, Michael punches him, sending him tumbling overboard to drown. Anne had previously protested how the murderer had been let off the hook by the captain of the other ship, but now she is happy to see James Onedin show her old boyfriend the same leniency.
Text source: Wikipedia

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