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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: A Very Important Passenger
Original air date: 16 December 1971
Writer: Roy Russell
James Onedin gets an offer to take aboard a passenger in complete secrecy for the high sum of 100. This makes him suspicious and through further inquiry he learns that Mr Callon had turned down an offer of 300 guineas, after which he easily manages to raise the price to 400 (200 up front and 200 on arrival). This is music to the ears of Robert Onedin, who has sold his shop to Mr. Callon after all and now needs several hundred pounds to buy a new shop (plus stock). Baines is taken sick and pretty soon a replacement ship's mate presents himself, who says he can quickly gather a crew he knows well.

At sea, the passenger hands over orders to take him to Sardinia instead of Livorno, the destination of the ship. The passenger claims the orders are from George Pelham of the foreign office, but they are unsigned. When an 'accident' happens that could have killed the passenger, he reveals his identity - he is Giuseppe Garibaldi, on a mission to oust the occupying forces of Austria and France from Italy. A discussion arises between James, who wants to reach Livorno in time to collect his bonus (the only profit he can make on the type of cargo he is carrying) and Garibaldi, who is not sure of the welcome he will receive there and wants to land in Caprera, just off Sardinia. The crew, who turn out to all be in on the assassination attempt, decide to try to take over the ship, but fail, in part thanks to the revolver that Garibaldi carries - after each shot they think he is unarmed because he would have to reload. After this, James Onedin decides to drop Garibaldi off in Caprera.

Back in Liverpool, Robert Onedin had learned from Albert Frazer that Melly's shop is up for sale. The asking price was 450, but he managed to knock that down to 375. With the 400 from the voyage, he can now buy this shop. But James proposes a third company for their partnership - Onedin Chandlers Limited. Of which, as with the other two companies (Onedin Line and Onedin Warehousing), James Onedin will hold 85% of the shares - after all, who raised the money by transporting Garibaldi?
Text source: Wikipedia
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