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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: Mutiny
Original air date: 16 December 1971
Writer: Ian Kennedy Martin
Download free puzzles from MadDogPuzzles.comThere has been a mutiny on a ship chartered by James Onedin and he boards off the French coast to see if he can still rescue the cargo of pineapples, which would perish if the crew were to be tried in France. He proposes to sail the ship home under his command and convinces the crew that it is better for them to get a trial in England, so they will be able to see their wives and children again. They claim they didn't mutiny but relieved the captain of his duties because he had gone mad, throwing food overboard, making false accusations and beating someone for not singing a hymn properly. During the voyage, James finds out the captain is a religious fanatic who is convinced he will die on the voyage. He says the crew plan to kill him and is found hanged shortly after. In Liverpool, they discover the ship has made a lot of water, as a result of holes drilled in the hull. An auger is found in the quarters of the captain, who was the only one below during the storm, during which it must have been done. James Onedin testifies and the crew are acquitted.
Text source: Wikipedia

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