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The Onedin Line episodes
Title: Cry of the Blackbird
Original air date:
Writer: Bruce Stewart
James Onedin has sailed to Australia with passengers, hoping to get a cargo of wool that will make him over 1000, enough to pay off the Pampero. But once there, he finds the farmers have all left their farms for a gold rush and there is no wool. A parson offers to pay him to take 'lost souls' from Papua to a missionary school in Victoria. On the voyage there, they discover the parson is a drunk and his associates are 'salvaged' criminals and troublemakers. After the Papuans have been picked up it turns out that it is a case of blackbirding (slavery) for the sugar cane plantations. When the Papuans find out, they set fire to the parson and James Onedin decides to return them to their home.
Text source: Wikipedia
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